2011 : The best year for Online Advertising – US Ad Spending making history

July 11th, 2011

With 20.2% Increase from last year, US Ad spending is expected to reach 31 billion dollar. With no surprise, Google will continue to lead by taking at least half i.e. 14+ billion dollars. That also leads Search Advertising to the top of the advertiser’s list. The second is banner ads with 7.6 billion and Video Ads are on 3rd. Interestingly it is expected to be the fastest growing media with 52% increase from last year. Video ads are the most familiar form of advertising very much like TV Ads and that is the reason to win the confidence of the advertisers.

As Social media is the hotspot these days, Facebook is leading the top 5 list of ad selling web sites primarily focusing on display ads at this point.


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Here comes another social network: The Google plus

June 29th, 2011

Google has been working on developing great solutions to engage the masses by offering free solutions to become smarter in today’s internet addicted age. While social media is in boom, Google was working since last year to consolidate all their solutions like Gmail, talk, buzz, etc. into one social network that they named it as Google+.

It has been a while Google is trying to come up with a next generation of social network tool however it has not worked for them. There is a hope that by launching this new gadget that has not only features from Facebook but also introducing many other cool features like user maps, video chat, Huddle, Sparks and Circles.

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Behavioral Targeting for Online Ads (SEM) and Display Ads

June 24th, 2011

I would like to talk about the Behavior Targeting that Prof. Kagen At Columbia Business School covered in last session.

Google is now actively enhancing their ad word architecture by implementing behavior intelligence in users ad campaigns where as an advertiser you will be able to identify interests and segments you want to target. In 2009, Google launched its beta version and now improving it to compete with the social marketing.

Through this ad campaign system Google who already knows “who is browsing what” will be able to identify visitor’s interests and show them relevant ads based on their interests. The example might be if I am looking and browsing to buy a car, I will be most likely get 7 out of 10 times the automobile ads.

At present there are 30 main categories (Interests) and with 600 sub categories to further filter ads. The interesting thing is that if you opt out to interest-based ads you will still see ads not related to your interest.(Really, why not no ads just blank space)

This phenomena is also known as Interest-based ads that is well explained by Shuman Ghosemajumder at youtube video.

The idea of “ and Linkedin knows “where you work”. Combining them all one can almost know half of a person’s personality and interest. That means in today’s world, we know much more about potential buyers, the need is to identify the best ways to convert them into costumers.

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